The Land of Ionia


Long ago, the Greeks had stories dealing with the creation of their Nation. The Creation Myths of the Greek nation actually started with Io, Europa, Pelasgus, and Ion (or Javan). This campaign actually has the genesis with the Yaun-ti, and the Tribes of Israel.

The whole idea is that Men and Serpentfolk co-exist, but not peacefully. The world isn’t a High Fantasy, but rather a Low: swords and sorcery sort of campaign. For the most part, the men of the Land of Io exist in peace. However, coming from the Southwest is the threat of war.

The campaign is one where the Tribes of Israel exist together on a peninsula that is roughly the size of the British Isles — I.e. Britannia. However, this isn’t Britannia, it’s the Land of Io, or Ionia. The people call themselves the Ionians (not to be confused with the Ionian Greeks.)


Campaign Feel

The feel of the campaign is classic Swords and Sorcery. Sword and Sorcery has as much relationship to the works of Tolkien and his imitators as does the hard boiled crime fiction of Raymond Chandler to the more proper detective stories of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The campaign is a tone of dark, visceral, and weird fantasy. Something like the images below and above illustrates.

Lands of the Allies

  • Ionia: Includes a write up of the counties. From Caithness to the Isle of Anglesey. All of the counties of the Ionian Men are provided in detail. Including pictures of what they would look like.
  • The Land of the Amazons: A land of women who think they are better than men.
  • Vaháyandur: The vast kingdom of High Elves. Led by King Ilvanyandil from his capitol at mystic Mithlandir.
  • The Great Shire: land of the Halflings.
  • The Pride Lands: Lands of the Litorians.
  • The Vale of the Saurs: Scaled folk descended from Dinosaurs that are allied to the Ionians rather than the Serpentmen, from which they were in bondage to, not too long ago.

Lands of the Enemy

Red Serpentfolk

*Najosska, The Kingdom of Snakes: The land of the Serpentfolk and their malhumanist king. Here the Serpent Folk are ruled by a King and a caste of Science Priests.

  • Okassar: The land of the Naga. A large population of humans are under the thrall of the nagas here. However, Okassar is not the origin of the Nagaji.
  • Shallasst: Land of the fire newts, now annexed to Najosska. The fire newts act as the ground army for the Serpentfolk.
  • Khastaalan: Small city state ruled by the Khaastas. They are allied with Najosska, since they see humans as slave stock.
  • Troglodyte Mountains: Haters of Men, all of them. They hate Men as the Creator gave them the surface to live and to the Troglodytes the caves of their mountains. They want to kill all Men and take the surface for themselves.

Races of the Free Peoples of the Land

Men: Men are the most numerous people in Ionia and possibly beyond straight to Motherland.
Dwarves: also called the Khazâd, or the Khazâdans, these hardy people are known to Men as dwarves to do their smaller stature.
Elves: Also called the Eldar by Men, their word for themselves is Tel-nossë, or “the people.” Men call them elves for sake of a better name colloquially. The racial name “Elves” is common usage for the Fair Folk that existed in Ionia before the migrations of Men. Eldar is reserved for more refined speech.
Halflings: Although they call themselves the Lurien, they are known as Halflings due to their smaller stature to Men. They are also distantly related to Men, but no one sage can figure it out.

Saurians: they are allied with the Men of Io against the Serpentfolk are the Saurians. Saurians are scalyfolk that are covered with scales that often frighten people. But when the saurians remind Men that they are on the side of the “Warmbloods” against their common enemy, then Men often relax. Saurians are against the serpent folk for the basic reason that they were once enslaved by them.

Litorians: the Lion-men are allied to Men. Often living in Ptolus, many of them are in the Pridelands.

Nagaji: The nagaji are among the allied Free Peoples of the Land. Scattered throughout the Lands of Io and the Great Shire, the Nagaji are refuges from a great war in which one of the Naga kingdoms in Aryavarta was utterly laid waste and it’s people (the Nagaji) taken into captivity. A large group of Nagaji escaped and made themselves to the lands of Io and the Great Shire where they settled. The Nagaji have enormous variation in scale color of their skin.

Allowed Player Character Classes

Core Classes from the Core Rulebook.

Base Classes from other Paizo sources.

Psionic Classes from Psionics Unleashed.

Allowed 3rd Party

Yes, I allow third party. Obviously, I allow Psionics Unleashed. However, the following third party books are also allowed:

  • RELICS AND RITUALS I (Most of the spells are overpowered for their level. Check with me before you want to research or pick a spell from that book).
    — Interesting aside about the Amazons. It seems that theory can be stranger than Fiction.
  • D20 ADVANCED MAGIC. I’ll implement these rules when everyone has confidence and are willing to try a different magic system.

House Rules

There are a couple of House Rules I’m adopting from Conan: the RPG to make the campaign world seem much more realistic.

Feats: A number of feats available to your character in addition to the many feats available on
Combat Options: New Combat rules such as Parry and Dodge rules, Special Maneuvers, and other considerations.
Equipment: Additional Equipment available in the Game World.

Pathfinder compatable

The Land of Io