Every nation is identified with a female personality. To the Men of the Land of Io, or Ionia, this is Io. The land is not fully conquered as many goblins, dwarves, and orcs live in the hills. The land of Ionia, however, is roughly the shape of Spain and roughly bigger than the British Isles. There are Thirteen Counties or Duchies apportioned every Man of the tribes of Io (Israel). Each duchy is listed below.

Languages: Common Ionian, High Ionian.

The land of Io takes place on a pennisula that runs northwest to southeast, and that is roughly the shape of Spain and is a little bigger than the British Isles. This is the major land of Man in the region that is surrounded by Elves, Dwarves, Litorians, and Serpentmen.

The land of Io is split into 12 tribal counties, each ruled by a Tribe of Jacob/Israel. The land is split by the Serpent Mountains, where Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, and Elves dwell. The Counties are thus:

Caithness: (Tribe: Ephraim of Joseph) — Caithness is known as the County of the Unicorn. Here, the men of the Unicorn reside and has most of the Aristocracy of the Land. Caithnans are usually conservative, and slow to rash action. Also called the Men of the North, the Caithnans are civilized folk. The High Elf retreat known as Summerholme is located in the wilderness of Caithness. County Seat — Caer Winchester (Castle Winchester)

Jutland: (Tribe: Shelah of Judah) — Jutland is known as the County of the Lion. Here, the men of the Lion reside. Most are descendants of Shelah, but it is in Jutland where Caer Traer (Castle Troy) is located. It is in Jutland where the King of Io — King Richard of Troy — resides.

King Richard

Lancaster: (tribe: Zebulun) — Lancanster is known as the county of Ships. Here, there is a ship building industry and the men of the Sea. Lancaster is the source of the land’s sea trade. Monte Cook’s Ptolus: the City of the Spire is located in this county. County seat: Ptolus and Caer Lancaster (Castle Lancaster).

Nottinghamshire: (Tribe: Issachar) — Nottinghamshire is known as the county of Scholars, is where the men of the Donkey dwell. It is also the place where the College of Nottingham is found. It is here that the base of the Sin Mages is suspected to be located. The elves of the Emerald Forest is also located in the Mountains of Nottinghamshire, and it they are ruled by the Queen of the Gray. County Seat — Caer Nottingham (Nottingham Castle)

Rutland: (Tribe: Gad) — Known as the county of Rangers, here the men of the Ranger is located. Most men here are the Rangers of the Land, due to Gad’s patriarchal blessing — “Gad will be attacked by marauding bands, but he will attack them when they retreat.” The county is also a collection of valleys within the Serpent Mountains. Rangering is a family tradition, and so many rangers have been trained in Rutland. Rutland is also notorious for being raided by Orcs and being allied to the dwarves of the kingdom of Gol Urgathec. County Seat — Caer Gaddessret (Castle Gades)

West Midlands: (Tribe: Reuben) — To the west of Rutland is the county of the West Midlands. Here, the men of Water dwell, with a notoriousness of being prideful, gluttonous, and sexually promiscuous. County Seat — Caer Senones (Castle Seony)

Devon: (Tribe: Dan) — To the east, laying in a rainshadow, is Devon. Here, the men of the Eagle dwell along the Devonny River. Natural Explorers, the Tuatha de Danaan, as they are commonly called, were the first of the Children of Io to come to the Peninsula. Here, the light forest of the Vodenwode — the stronghold of the nudist Sun Elves — is located. County Seat: Caer Mycenae (Castle New Canaan).

Cambria: (Tribe: Manasseh) — North of Devon is the County of Cambria. Bordering Caithness, the men of the Olive Branch dwell here. Although now the tribe has adopted the mistletoe as their symbol, Cambria is noted for places of healing and hospitalization. The people here are also regarded as men of peace. There are many places of sacredness that people can come here to meditate on virtue and truth. Also, some of the Aristocracy make their land here. County Seat: Caer Soham (Castle Soham)

Northumberland: (Tribe: Simeon) — Northumberland is the northern most land and is the one that breeds hearty soldiers. The land of Northumberland produces the best warriors in the Land of Io, and often after being trained, those that choose the soldiering life are scattered across the Land to defend it’s borders. The evil goblin kingdom Sharad-Zahd is located in the mountains in the wilderness of Northumberland. County seat: Caer Dor (Castle Dor)

Red Sonja

Yorkshire: (Tribe: Benjamin) — Yorkshire is a land where the men believe that they are wolves. These men of the Ravening Wolf are treated as uncivilized barbarians most of the time. The closer to get to shore, the more civilized they tend to be. The court of the county of Yorkshire tends to be one of much merriment, mead, and robust brawling. County seat: Caer York (Castle York)

Kent: (Tribe: Asher) — the Kentans are the men of the Plow. They live on a plain that is west of Devon that provides most of the food, spices, and herbs for the Land. They are also notorious for inventing the art of fine cooking and delicate dining, and many are chefs. The High Elf land of Illvinere is located near the mountains in Kent. The county seat is Caer Niverath (or Caer Niverny).

The Isle of Anglesey: (Tribe: Levi) — while scattered throughout the land, the tribe of priests have their stronghold on this sacred isle. Here, the Druids are trained in their profession, and the Aaronic Priesthood has its home. The isle has no county seat.


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