Capitol: Soham
Population: 193,650 (Men 84% [Manassehites 76%, Judahites 1%, Levites 1%, Zebulunites 10%, Ephraimites 10%, Danites 2%], Dwarves 10%, Half-Elves 5%, Nagaji 1%)
Government: Republic
Religions: The Creator, the Olympians, the Goddess, Sol Invictus, various dumb idols
Imports: Gold, Slaves, Weapons
Exports: Basalt, marble, seafood, statuary, wines
Alignment: NG, CG, N, NE
Languages: Cambrian Dialect

Cambria is a land on the Eastern Shore of Ionia that borders Devon. Cambria is ruled by Stanton of Shrewsberry. He is elected to be Duke by the voice of the people, and represents Cambria at the Court of High King Richard. Uncharacteristic of a people that loves freedom, they import slaves here from other places around Ionia and from nations outside of Ionia. The people love freedom and they love peace, being the people of the Olive Branch. They are often against war.

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Nevertheless, should the need arise, Cambria can muster about 88 thousand able bodied men. The Cambrians approach to war is decisive and brutal. The Cambrian contingent often employ the most brutal and bloodiest tactics during war. The idea is to punish the enemy for making war so completely that they will not think about going to war again.

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